Cookies and Privacy


Cookies are small text strings sent by websites to users’ browsers. They are stored for reuse during the same session or subsequent visits. While browsing, browsers may also receive cookies from different websites or servers, often referred to as “third parties.”

Cookies serve various purposes, including digital authentication, session monitoring, storing user-specific configurations, and preserving preferences. Based on their purpose, cookies are categorized as technical cookies, first-party or third-party analytical cookies, and first-party or third-party profiling cookies.

Technical cookies, specifically browsing or session cookies, ensure website functionality and requested services. These cookies are typically installed directly by the website manager and do not require prior consent from users. Without these cookies, certain operations may become more complex or less secure. For our sites, Draper VeChain companies exclusively use technical session cookies to facilitate and enable browsing, with a duration of twenty minutes if the browser is not closed.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Draper VeChain and its Group Companies are committed to processing Personal Data received via email or electronic forms on the Portal in compliance with GDPR and Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03, the “Personal Data Protection Code.” The processing is carried out by authorized personnel, including digital and automated instruments, solely for the purposes described below.

Information collected consists only of voluntarily provided data. This includes biographical and identification information (e.g., name and last name), contact details (e.g., phone number, email address, street address), and content data, such as the text of messages sent to Draper VeChain or other Group companies.

Personal Data is processed for the duration necessary to fulfill the communicated purposes and may be disclosed to other companies within the Draper VeChain Group or partners involved in Portal management. An updated list of these entities is available through Draper VeChain’s provided addresses.

Messages sent to the Portal’s email addresses or acquired through the Portal (e.g., requests, suggestions, ideas, information, documents) are not considered confidential, must respect the rights of others, and must contain accurate and truthful information. Draper VeChain and Group companies cannot be held liable for the content of messages sent by Interested Parties.

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

Information collected through the Portal serves the following purposes:

1. Communication with Interested Parties

Draper VeChain and Group Companies maintain a contact list, containing email addresses and contact information provided by Interested Parties via email or Portal forms. This facilitates communication with those interested in our services. We may also respond to requests and fulfill other needs expressed by Interested Parties.

2. Commercial and Direct Marketing

Draper VeChain and Group Companies may contact Interested Parties for commercial communications related to our Services. We may use remote communication methods, including email and SMS text messages.

Information from Third Parties

Draper VeChain and Group Companies may receive information from third parties, such as suppliers, resellers, or customers, regarding Interested Parties or their organizations. This information may be combined with data collected through the Portal and processed in compliance with applicable personal data protection regulations.